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Our story began with a spark – a yearning for a world where businesses could be powerful forces for good. We believe in the ambition of a for-profit, but with the heart of a non-profit. Through transformative education, we empower businesses and leaders to integrate purpose into their core. Imagine a future where social good isn't just an aspiration, but a driving force – that's the reality we're building, together.

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Our passionate team is the driving force behind the Global Mission Institute. Meet the experts who are dedicated to empowering businesses to create a lasting positive impact on the world.

Michael Moe


Michael Carter


Mike Hoque


Dave Evans


Kevin Hoque

Co-Founder/Managing Director

Arthur Santa-Maria

Mission Director

Suhitha Kosuri

Mission Specialist

Dr. Joe May


Our Advisory Board

The Powerhouse of Purpose

The Global Mission Institute collaborates with a remarkable group of individuals who translate vision into action. Explore the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our impact experts, who are shaping a more sustainable and equitable future.

Michael Moe

Founder & CEO

Michael Moe

Founder & CEO

Michael Moe

Founder & CEO

Michael Moe

Founder & CEO

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We believe in the power of collaboration. Explore the inspiring network of partners who are our allies in creating positive change.